Lyskamm NNE face

On arriving back to Chamonix after an amazing climbing trip in north Wales I was surprised to see wintery conditions and was keen to try and get up skiing. Brendan and I wanted to do something in Chamonix, but when meeting Luca for a drink he said he had been told of good conditions on Lyskamm and soon persuaded me a road trip was in order. We were joined by Jerome and Brendan but with two hour queues for the Mont Blanc tunnel we nearly never got out I Chamonix and arrived just in time for the last lift.

The next day the weather was not as we had been expecting with high winds and white out conditions in the cloud. We set off up the East ridge to gain the summit along with serval other groups but soon everyone was turning round.

Luca had already been to the summit and thinking skiing wasn't going to be possible he turned back with everyone else. I would have done the same thing if I had climbed the mountain before but as we couldn't see ourselves having any problems just going to the top and coming down on foot Brendan and I continued on in the miserable weather.

Then in a strange turn of events as I sat at the top waiting for Brendan things started to clear.... It was on.

The snow was good at the top but soon became thin where the wind had been tearing at the face, with the crux having only a couple of cm of hard snow over the ice.

As if the weather had opened up just for us, as soon as we were done skiing and heading back to the col the mountain disappeared back into the cloud.

#BrendanOSullivan #Lyskamm #SteepSkiing #BenBriggs

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