Pointe Eales- pan de rideau NE

This slope is commonly called the Col du Courtes and is a nice little route right at the back of the Argentiere basin. When Mikko had told me it looked good and invited me to ski with him I was skeptical, but I hadn’t done any steep skiing in Chamonix since Brendan’s death on the Tour Ronde and it was time to get back on the horse.

The weather turned moody as we approached the bottom of the route, but the climb and descent went smoothly despite me still having a lingering cold. Mikko was kind enough to put most of the track in as I wasn’t on top form, and we found nice compact grippy snow with a little loose soft layer on top. Its not as fun as skiing deep powder but conditions like this are probably the safest to descend steep slopes in and I was grateful for the good skiing.

Its still an emotional experience going into the mountains here for me. Skinning up the Argentiere glaciere I felt sad looking at mountains and remembering times I had spent on them with lost friends. Soon the rhythm of the boot pack and the focus of the steep turns made me remember why love being up there, and all of my negative thoughts faded away. On the way out I took joy from my memories instead of sadness, made all the more vivid being back in the place where they were formed.

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