Back at the start of February Cedric asked me if I fancied a trip to Japan. It wasn't top of my places to visit but when he showed me pictures of the mountains in Hakuba and some really cheap flights I was instantly persuaded. Ally Watson decided to join us last minute to complete the team.

We were hoping to try and ski some big lines in the Japanese Alps but we had to settle for some slightly smaller, but still incredible terrain due to safety concerns. It snowed a lot and then would warm up very quickly, with a lot of terrain traps it was just too dangerous to ski some of the bigger, steeper lines.

We did however managed to experience some of the world famous Japow and experience a completely different culture. The Japanese people are polite and kind and there was no stress trying to open lines like there is here in Europe. The food was excellent and we used some down days when it rained in the middle of the trip to take in some culture.

Cedric is a very talented photographer and got some great shots on the trip, thanks to him for all of the photos below, all of which are his copywrite. http://cedricbernardini.com/

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