Aiguille de Tricot- SW face

I first spotted this line with Brendan O'Sullivan in the Autumn of 2014 when we were trying to ski on the North face of the Dome de Miage, we couldn't find much information on this area and assumed it to be unskied. There was not enough snow coverage to go back straight away so we kept the face for a later date and instead skied another route on the same mountain-

Once the lifts opened we lost the motivation to go back and instead skied things without the long approche. Unfortunately Brendan died before we could return together so In March last year I headed back with some old partners in crime, Tom Grant and Luca Pandolfi as well as a new one Johanna Stalnackl. We planned to ski the route in Brendans memory.

Interestingly after the descent I found out that we had actually skied a variation of a route first skied a few years previously. It was this route that I though me an Brendan had skied back in 2014, in-fact that one was the first descent.

I arrived at the spot where I remembered the hut being only to find it had dissapeared and with the line being impossible to see on the approach Luca was a little unsure it was actually there. Some how we managed to keep faith and found lovely early spring skiing conditions the next day on the face. This is certainly a wilder part of the massive that the Chamonix area with its lift access and it makes the skiing here even more rewarding.

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